Founded in 2014 and based in Vancouver, BC, Bed Bug Lookup is a trusted and anonymous community for submitting pest and bed bug reports around the world.

Finding an apartment or hotel is stressful enough, and getting bed bugs can ruin not only your travel, but also your possessions, relationships, and sanity! We make it easy to find pest-free places to stay, and report infestations to warn other travelers. Together we can make the world a little bit easier to navigate.

  • What is Bed Bug Lookup?

    Bed Bug Lookup is a worldwide database and registry of bed bug reports. You have the right to know if your apartment, hotel, or business of choice has a known infestation, as bed bugs can and do ruin lives. We help you find a safe place to stay.

  • What are bed bugs (and why should I avoid them)?

    Our bed bug facts page has all of the answers to your commonly asked questions about these pests, as well tips on how to prevent and remove infestations.